Young Girl

What a handsome man is standing there
so smartly dressed, with gray-tinged hair?
He’s tall and slim, with shoulders wide
Oh, how I’d like him by my side.

Why was I born too late?

This man I could love so easily
I wonder why he stares at me.

What is he thinking?

Oh beautiful girl, so very young
life for you has just begun.
Beautiful eyes, long dark hair.
The look of a madonna standing there.
So full of life, that radiant smile.
Would you date me? Even for a while?

But age is my villain, I’m much too old
to ask you out would be too bold…
or would it?

What is that look in your eyes I see?
could it be…
.that you desire me?
Oh beautiful young girl
don’t do this to me!
I am too old for you, you surely must see!
Please, please stop staring at me!

Oh hell, what does age mean?
the day—the year?
It means nothing when I want you
I’ve nothing to fear.

Marriage? Never. A child you are still
your innocence shows
but it’s your innocence that attracts me
though why I don’t know,
and I don’t care
because now I’m walking over there
to ask you out to the theater or dance.
Yes, I’m going to take the chance.

You said “yes”
and later “I do”.


Sharon Palmeri
Copyright Library of Congress 1971

**The above printed material is copyrighted, is registered with the Library of Congress and is the property of Sharon Palmeri. Permission is needed before use. Thank you! *S* **


About Sharon

Sharon Palmeri received her BS degree in English and journalism from Indiana University Northwest and IU Bloomington. As a published author she has taught in all areas of writing for 20+ years, and has had over two hundred articles and stories published in magazines and newspapers. She freelances as a ghost writer, editor, book doctor, publicist, and publication consultant. She also has worked as content editor, adviser and book layout designer.
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