Ebony*(in memory of John Milton)

[The Year 1652 was one of many personal losses for Milton. In February, Milton lost his sight. This prompted him to write the sonnet “When I Consider How My Light is Spent.” It was as I read Milton’s poetry that I was inspired to write this poem.]

Grass once green, sky once blue
as I remember well;
Candle glowed with bluish hue-
as much as I could tell.

That was before the darkest night.
With candle lit I sit alone
A soothing calm, a hollow sigh
Expression set in stone.

Darkness overtook me
and robbed me of my light-
leaving me in ebony
of everlasting night.


Sharon Elizabeth Palmeri

Hoosier Horizon Magazine 1993
Spirits Magazine 2003
Poetry Palace 2005
Horizon Spectrum 2016

Copyright Library of Congress 1992

**The above printed material is copyrighted, is registered with the Library of Congress and is the property of Sharon Palmeri. Permission is needed before use. Thank you! *S* **

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