Ode to my Husband

[Note: This was a poem written for my husband one Valentine’s day.]

When I was sixteen,
though we never met
I made you my universe-
everything in life to me
And I worshiped you.

At age twenty-one,
after we met
you became my galaxy-
knowing so much more than me
and I adored you.

At age twenty-nine
with our daughter still young
you wrapped your love
around us — a security blanket.
You were my gift from heaven.

At age thirty-seven
when illness struck-
you were my Hercules
holding me up when I almost fell.
And I was grateful you didn’t give up.

At age forty-three
you became my adviser
holding on — but not too tight.
You let me breathe.
For this I truly loved you.

Now at fifty-two
I no longer
worship or adore —
I love the man
who allowed me
the freedom to grow.

Thank you.


Sharon Palmeri
Copyright Library of Congress 2001

**The above printed material is copyrighted, is registered with the Library of Congress and is the property of Sharon Palmeri. Permission is needed before use. Thank you! *S* **

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