The Dance

[This poem was inspired by a conversation between two coworkers about their daughters going to the prom. Soon their conversation faded in the distance as I thought to myself “What if…” and began writing.]

Hopeful and happy
lips Plush Pink
New shoes—high heels
she waits.


Sun sinking
shimmers slide
Day ends.

She window-watches
with dry lips, eyes wet.
Hot breath on cool glass.
Driveway empty.

Stuffy inside. She
needs air. Gentle
breeze blows—
her feet ache.

Where’s the music?
Dusky dress. Heels
slide off—Cinderella?DREAM22

Front porch
steps slick
feels cool, damp
House dark—empty.

She leans back
with deep breath
not waiting.

Moon? Hidden.
Stars? Only one—
alone also
as she waits…

Copyright 1994
Sharon Palmeri
Copyright Library of Congress May 1994

**The above printed material is copyrighted, is registered with the Library of Congress and is the property of Sharon Palmeri. Permission is needed before use. Thank you! *S* **

Photos by: Unknown

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