The Dream

[Note: This poem was written when I was in high school after having a terrible nightmare. Obviously this dream never did come true, but after 2001 I was a bit nervous for a year or so. *silly, I know*]

At the tender age of sweet sixteen
one summer’s eve I had a dream.
Down an orchard path I ran
and stopped to rest under
an apple tree and
beside me stood a man!

Terrified I could not move
I could not make a sound!
He looked at me in a puzzled way,
and then he turned around.

At that moment I did see
his yellow eyes and face of gray.
Once again he turned to me
I could not run away!

My feet were anchored to the ground
as if just dipped in lead.
He smiled at me with teeth of red.
With an apple in his hand he said:

“I am your present,
I am your past;
the time went by so very fast.
I am your good,
I am your bad;
I am a soul that you once had.”

Then he gave the apple to me:mushroom-cloud2

“Upon this fruit you soon will see
your future!”

I wanted to scream –to shout out loud,
but could not utter a single sound!
As he disappeared within a cloud
I fell upon the ground!

The apple then glowed within my hand;
I quickly tossed it in the sand.
The apple exploded, and smoke arose
in the shape of a mushroom
what a fate I chose!

It was then a cold wind blew
the deadly smoke away.
engraved in the sand
these words did say:

Earth doomed
year 2002!

Sharon Palmeri
Copyright Library of Congress 1964 …revived from my journal archives.

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